In the tri-state area, USO helps families of the fallen cope with their grief, provide respite and solace, and offer continued support and comfort during this difficult time. We offer families travel assistance, provide assistance with on-site needs, and introduce family members to special programs to help them cope with their grief when they return home.

At the national level, USO supports dignified transfers at Dover Air Force Base, Delaware – the first stop on American soil for U.S. troops who have paid the ultimate price while serving their country. We provide respite and comfort to grieving families who are traveling to Dover to witness the return of their loved ones. The USO also provides a full service respite center for mortuary affairs teams from each service branch. These troops perform the solemn, honorable and stressful duty of preparing their fallen comrades for their final resting place. Even after families leave Dover and return home, the USO funds and provides continued support and comfort through partnership with best-in-class organizations to help families cope with their grief and move forward with their lives, including:

  • USO/TAPS Good Grief Camps provide children and teenagers with a safe and supportive atmosphere to participate in activities, learn grief coping skills, establish and identify support systems, and create awareness that they are not alone in mourning their loved one.

For more information about the USO Families of the Fallen Support, please contact Jessica McAndrews at